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Cloud Hosting Quick Facts

Get Speedy


Engage clients with enhanced speed

1up Cloud offers truly unlimited speed. No one likes long load times on desktop, mobile or tablets, give your users an outstanding experience.

Increase Conversions

Gain a boost in engagement, sales and inquires simply from the speed in which your content is delivered. Mobile phone users will especially appreciate the boost in speed. On average 67% of new visitors visit your website on a mobile device.

Get Secure

  • Run your businesses without the worries of a hacked website.
  • Focus on marketing your website instead of keeping it up to date.
  • Increase retention on your websites, growing your income and client base.
  • 1up Cloud is load balanced for extreme traffic spikes.
  • We removed all the pesky access points and back-doors to eliminate the ever growing threat of hacking and data mining.

Be Compliant


Never worry about WordPress updates again.

Plugins fall out of date all the time when they aren't properly updated,which can leave your clients stranded. We ensure to not only make sure they are compatible with your current WordPress version, but also analyze the documentation to ensure what is being updated or changed.

Your website will be faster then ever through Google.

Speed is everything, and with the help of our Google apps, we ensure that. We go through your website and ensure that it is running at it's best possible performance so you can navigate your website almost as instant the moment you click your mouse.

Trusted by all types of industry.

Real Estate

``My properties load extremely quick engaging my clients and increasing sales``

Creative Agency

``Our agency feels most secure on 1up Cloud, the speed, updates and wordpress updates make our lives easier``

Big Data

``1up Cloud allows my software to be safely downloaded and launched directly from my site``

Water Sports

``1up Cloud hosts all our event data with ease, we haven't had to touch our website since we started with 1up Cloud. IFWA highly recommends 1up Cloud``

Shopping Center

``Our website was consistently defaced by hackers, after migrating to 1up cloud we haven't had a single issue``

Law School

``We've been clients of 1up Cloud for going on 2 years. The staff members are personable, helpful and efficient.``

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