1up Cloud?

We’re a small independent cloud hosting company based out of Monterey CA. Our cloud architecture was formed out of necessity for web developers, bloggers and e-commerce entrepreneurs.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a secure, fast, reliable storage solution for your website.

When will I see results from switching to the Cloud?

After your website is successfully migrated to 1upCloud you will see a massive increase in site speed. Your entire website will be backed up DAILY. The website will be as secure as the government will allow it to be.

Why upgrade to the Cloud?

1up Cloud has truly unlimited resources, unlike other hosts. That means you can store as much data on your website as you want, and the viewers of your website will actually receive the information fast. That means, in areas with weak internet, your clients will still be able to see and find the information on your website as fast as possible. As we know in today’s society, people have very short attention spans. Fast load times are your first digital impression.

How is the host faster, why is that important?

The architecture of the server is set up to provide as much information as possible to each visitor of your website, as they need it, on demand. Whereas a traditional host provider is offering far less, a funneled system of the data. We could go on about this for days, but the simple explanation is that every host buys the cloud space from Amazon. We simply built a simpler, faster platform that provides this to our clients. We’re not in it to make a profit, we’re in it to make the content appear as fast as possible.

Will I get updates on what is updated on my site?

Yes, we give detailed monthly updates to our hosted clients. We breakdown what we updated, what version WordPress is out and if it is compatible with your plug-ins, and we make sure everything works. We take great care when we update so nothing breaks on your website.

Signing Up

How do I sign up?

Visit our Sign Up page and see which plan is what you are looking for for your website.

Is there a difference between the plans?

Yes, depending on what your services or web presence is, our plans are tailored to suit you. If you have any questions if you aren’t sure, feel free to send us a message.

Is this a monthly service?

Yes, we bill you monthly so we can apply all our monthly benefits to your site the moment you start hosting with us

What happens after I sign up?

Upon signing up, we start the process to begin migrating your website onto 1up Cloud. The process can take up to 24 hours, and once it is successfully migrated we will begin to test and update it so we make sure your site is running the best it can.

Services Beyond Hosting

What if my website is outdated?

With our partner, Zeeqk, we offer you unique modern and responsive website design to help bring your outdated website up to date.

Why should I update it?

In order to properly answer this question, it depends on your exact project. However, the following is standard:

– Wordpress CMS built for performance and security
– CSS and HTML code to ensure every element works together flawlessly and looks great in the process
– Trusted, scalable framework that allows your online presence to grow as your business does
– Project consultation during the entire process
– Base SEO setup: compression of images, addition of keywords and metatags, and more to help your business have a great start
– Responsive: user friendly experience on all devices (phones, tablets, laptops, desktops)
– Cross browser compatible
– 30-day support period upon code completion
– Complimentary training by team view or in person

Our business is only as successful as your business. That is why we include complimentary add ons such as SEO setup and extensive training and support to allow you the best possible start to your new online business image. In addition to the list above, each website includes the unique combination of additional features, design elements and aspects needed by you to be successful.

How much does a website cost?

The cost of your website is based on what type of website you need, and the technology you need integrated. Your free analysis will aid us in determining an accurate project estimate.

The simplest of website solutions begin at $2,495.
On average, each additional simple page design is around $350.
More complex web solutions increase accordingly in price.
Small e-commerce (online store) websites begin at $4,500.

How do you bid a project?

We bid each project based upon our analysis of the information provided to us in our intake phase.We do not bid hourly, meaning you won’t end up with surprise hidden costs. We utilize a combination of methods during the initial project phase, combined with years of expertise that allows us to provide accurate estimates for each and every project.

How long does it take to build a website?

You’d be surprised at how quick and easy it is for us to build your new website!

A vast majority of our websites are built and launched within just 1-3 weeks. More complex solutions can take up to 3 months, depending on the client’s availability, content availability, and the complexity of the features required for integration.

Do you have an important deadline to meet? Let us help.