How does Malware affect my Website/Computer?

Okay, so we’ve identified what malware is in the previous post, now how does it get into my site and how can I protect against it?

Hackers are constantly looking for weak points in networks to install their malware. The quickest, most immediate thing you can do is keep your apps updated. App updates on your computer and website are crucial in maintaining the security. When you stay up to date, that means you are providing the most recent version on your network, which has provided the potential hackers less time to find the vulnerabilities in your software. Outdated apps have outdated code which allows for hacker infiltration. This is why 1upCloud provides Dedicated WordPress Maintenance within your hosting package, ensuring all your apps are up to date every month, and cross checking those apps’ compatibility with the other apps on your site, to make sure your site stays up to date AND fully functional. It’s almost like having a website developer who’s your security guard always on staff in the background of your business. Pretty cool.

Staying up to date isn’t the only way you can mitigate hacking issues. Installing free software programs and apps can also include malware in their code that shows up after installing the software. Internet security is another factor that heavily affects file sharing. The list really goes on and on, it really only takes one single weak link to infect your computer or website. That is why you really want to leave your website development tasks to the professionals, but that’s an entirely different blog post for another day.

So, that’s how it gets in. How can we protect against it?


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