Meet Our Team

You get out what you put in.

A few years ago, four like-minded individuals agreed it was time to ditch the crappy hosting providers available and make a host that would work the way their existing businesses needed it to.

Years went by, and they expected to see another host come on the market with comparable features for a similar price + markup.

It’s been 4 years and nothing’s even come close. Finally, they decided to make their host available to the public so everyone’s website could get the hosting environment it truly deserved.

Founded by Austin, Nicole, Carson and Jayme in Monterey, California, they’re all experts in their respective fields and each offer invaluable insight into the different facets 1upCloud needs in order to continue being awesome while keeping clients happy, and websites online, fast, and secure. Every. Single. Day.

Carson runs a successful IT company based in Monterey, California and was the technology aspect of the whole build. He’s basically a genius at all-things-server and personally considers the cloud to be his greatest work of art.

Austin is the creative director at Zeeqk, a Monterey-based design and marketing firm. This whole idea was his brain-child after spending countless hours on the phone with our previous hosting provider, trying to recover a $5,000 website that had been lost after their hosting service claimed to make “regular backups”– To no avail, it was gone.

Nicole is a destination photographer at Barkis + Co. and a marketing guru. Her site is one of the catalysts for the creation of 1upCloud as well – Photo heavy websites are often slow and get downed often due to running out of server space in shared environments. Her site was the perfect excuse to ditch other hosting providers and work on something that could be seen lightning fast by anyone in the world, no matter how slow their internet speed was.

Jayme is the website developer at Zeeqk and was forever pained by the insecurities in his client’s websites on previous hosts. After finding a vulnerability in a client’s site (because of the host), he quickly encrypted their site on 1upCloud to ensure it could never happen again. Jayme also loves 1upCloud because it makes websites easier and quicker to work on – an added bonus for any businesses who regularly update their website.

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