Very simply put, cloud hosting is a secure, fast reliable storage solution for your website. Technically speaking, we utilize an Amazon EC2 virtual server, designed specifically to optimize and secure WordPress based website solutions. The architecture of our server has been created to provide as much information as possible (as quickly as possible) to each and every visitor of your website, as they need it, on demand – period.

A commonly known flaw of WordPress is their reputation for slow speeds and minimal security measures. Together, our team has devised a solution to utilize the convenience of a WordPress based website, while maintaining the speed, security, and flexibility our valued customers have come to expect in the world of the web. 

1up Cloud is worlds apart from a traditional hosting provider. A traditional hosting provider instead provides server space in a more funneled method, which results in much cheaper pricing, but much slower website load times, and far less security measures being available to customers.

1up Cloud, on the other hand, provides truly unlimited server speed for your website.

Interested to see how this benefits you and your business? Read more about Benefits of The Cloud HERE.