You should look for a company and a team that is readily aligned with your business’ needs. 1up Cloud considers the following to be key in our mission to serve our clients:


1up Cloud offers truly unlimited speed- no data capping. No one likes long load times on a desktop, mobile or tablets, give your users an overwhelmingly fast experience online. In a world where attention spans are ever-shrinking, businesses are relying more and more on quick, concise impressions to convert customers. A fast website is your biggest asset.


With the highest level of encryption and security available, we have developed a truly secure solution for your website. This is especially crucial for any online stores that process customer payment information. We have removed all the pesky access points and backdoors that other hosting providers often leave for convenience features, to eliminate the ever growing threat of hacking and data mining.This means that your website’s crucial data can’t be hacked.


If pigs fly and your website did manage to get hacked on 1up Cloud, we backup your website in its entirety daily, so no matter what happens, your site and all its content will always be safe. Why is this important/why might you need a full backup? Well, other hosting providers may say they provide backups, but often times (to save server space, and expenses) they simply make small imprints of partial information, at very fragmented times. This means, in the event of trying to restore a backup, your information might not even be there when you need it most.

1up Cloud makes full backups daily, ensuring ultimate safety. 

How might a website go down without being hacked? Well, WordPress offers many updates, often. Your WordPress site also runs with a combination of Plugins and Widgets that also require updating. Sometimes, these items don’t always play nice together after one (or multiple) are updated. There are also incomplete WordPress updates from time to time that have been known to down websites. Another way, as many of you may know from experience, is by an inexperienced user attempting to make a simple change, but removing crucial elements within the functionality of the website – Downing the entire thing.

No matter the cause, our point remains: 1up Cloud has you covered.


What on earth is compliance? Compliance is ensuring your website meets specific standards of the web. This means vetting and enacting the trusted updates that your WordPress CMS, plugins, and or Widgets need in order to remain current and functioning properly. We include this with your hosting package because we care about your website’s livelihood, and this also helps your load time — resulting in more potential visitors, and more potential revenue. 

Monthly site updates and WordPress updates are taken care of by our team, complete with a complimentary report on what we did and major changes and all notes on what was changed or added. One less thing you have to concern yourself with, allowing you to focus on what you do best: Running your business.


We consider our concierge level of service and customer support as quite possibly the most important factor in how we wish to do business. While the speed and security benefits are obvious (and very crucial!) we understand that your business is your livelihood. We insist on working directly with our clients, not an automated system.

Being a WordPress CMS hosting provider, we have also included Compliance with all our hosting packages. We feel this is the ultimate show of convenience. Gone are the days where you need to worry about updating that questionable plugin with the possibility of downing your entire site. Not only will you receive WordPress updates, but also monthly reports on what has been updated for your website. If anything breaks? We handle the reversion with a few simple clicks. Completely worry free.